Our  lease on Broad Street ended May, and due to a number of factors we were not able to remain in that building. Faced with this dilemma, we have had to wrestle with either shutting down The Venue entirely because of rising costs and lack of space or relocating outside of Downtown Boise.

Searching far and wide across the Treasure Valley we had difficulty finding a space big enough and within budget to make the move. Luckily, we found the most AMAZING building with everything our fans have ever asked for and more! So we are now on the other side of the valley, to 424 E. Elgin St in Caldwell, right off the 10th street exit.

In case you haven’t been out to the new space, here are some upgrades:

1. There are 2 performance areas. One is smaller and more intimate which we use for ALL-AGES shows, and the larger one rebuilt is wider and deeper stage, with more room for gear and people, in the 21+ area.

2. We still have ALL-AGES shows, but also have a full bar for the 21+ crowd to enjoy.

3. YES! We now have ourselves a full kitchen with restaurant. Now, not only can you chose from a couple bags of chips and soda, we will now be able to open The Beatnik Café we have been working on for a year (and yes, there will be burgers and nachos:}

4. The Beatnik Café will open soon (hopefully mid October).  This way you can come down early, eat, drink (bar will open early too) hang out, do homework, play pool at our new pool table or check out the tunes on the vintage jukebox with modern music. You can follow us HERE for more info.

5. We will be keeping the name The Venue. You all have helped make The Venue crowd a favorite spot for many bands, and agents listen to that feedback, which is how we continue to keep getting great new bands. The Treasure Valley, with 625,000 people is the 3rd largest metro area in the Northwest (bigger than Spokane or Reno), and one of the nation’s fastest growing markets. This makes us a place bands don’t want to miss.

6. The Café has huge windows so it is bright and relaxing; it is also indoors which means no more waiting for the show to start in the rain, snow, cold, 100+ heat. It will also be open later so you can linger after the shows, most likely with your favorite band still hanging out too. Smoking still has to be done outside, but there will be a seated patio area for those who partake.

7. This space lends itself to a lot more options in the types of performers we will be able to attract. We will be expanding our net to include more indie music, latin rock bands (there is some great music coming out of Mexico especially), EDM, while keeping the punk, metal, hardcore that The Venue has been long known for, just maybe some tours we couldn’t get before.

8. We will also be able to rent out this space not just for concerts like we have been, but it is a great place for a party or reception. We charge a very reasonable rate of $100/hour based on availability of a date. Tour packages will have priority, but there are plenty of open dates available, even in June if someone needs a wedding reception space; it’s that nice.

And lastly we come to you. We need a few of you to come join our team. Because we are expanding we need more bodies to work for us. Come work where you play, which, if you ask us is still pretty much like playing while you hang out with rock stars.

We need:  a couple of baristas, a prep-cook, a cook, and someone to clean the building in the mornings and take deliveries.

Some of these jobs will be open very soon.

If you are interested please send applications to:


So that’s it, a handful of the many reasons we are moved on rather than shutting our doors. We appreciate all of your support and growing numbers, and look forward to seeing all of your familiar faces in our new space.

Rock on!

Jenean & Johannes Claus and Venue staff.